About Us

Our Quality Policy : “Witten Company, Inc is continually improving our products and exceeding customer satisfaction through a tradition of quality excellence.”
Witten Company, Inc. has been performing research, development, engineering and manufacturing of fasteners for the composites industry for over twenty-nine years. We have been ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified since 2003.

Research, Development, and Engineering

15 - 3

Our engineering department is constantly working on new challenges and concepts to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Our engineers will work with the customer to provide a conceptual design and prototypes for testing and evaluation. Witten Company, Inc. is dedicated to serving your needs and providing practical solutions for your fastening applications. Witten fasteners are utilized in a wide variety of industries such as: Aerospace, Marine, Dept. of Defense, Medical, Transportation and the general Composites industry.


Typical applications for our products are: Aircraft interiors, aircraft flight control surfaces, military shelters, military vehicles, U.S. Navy vessels, flight simulators, medical helicopters and commuter buses.

Customer Service

We keep a large inventory of fasteners available for immediate shipment, as well as “Just-In-Time” deliveries for annual procurement. Our customer service department can provide prompt quotations for your fastener requirements.  Brochures and catalogs are readily available upon request or download.


Our state-of the-art manufacturing facility is committed to meeting your production requirements. All of our manufacturing is performed in house (In the USA!) to maintain high quality control standards.